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Case Qty: 4 pcs
Weight: 2690 g
Magazine material: ABS
Bearings type: steel sliding
Gearbox version: v.3
Bearings diameter: 7 mm
Magazine model: hi-cap
Battery type: NiMH
Battery type: stick
Accumulator connector type: small Tamiya
Battery cells type: mini
Battery included in set: YES
Material: aluminum, wood, steel
Color: black
YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cY3t5RX--mI&t=1s
Fire type: auto, single
Ammo: .23g, .25g
Serial number: YES
Length mm: 730
Inner barrel length mm: 290
Muzzle energy J: 1,49
Magazine capacity BBs: 525
Muzzle velocity fps: 400
Inner barrel diameter mm: 6,03
Muzzle BB velocity Med: 360
Battery voltage V: 8,4
Battery capacity mAh: 1200
Projectille muzzle velocity: 310 Joule
Gun Model: AK47 / AKM / AK74
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CM.045A is an imitation of the Russian AKS74U carbine. The fresh series of replicas from the 040, 045, 048 range demonstrates an advancement in quality among Chinese manufacturers.

ATTENTION! The replica comes with a unique serial number!

The body, flash hider, top cover, and folding stock are constructed from steel (bent sheet). The remaining components, such as the outer barrel, gas block, rear sight base, and side rail, are also crafted from metal (ZnAl).
The handguard is fashioned from wood,
The pistol grip and magazine are made of nylon.
The stock latch, which was previously prone to easy breakage, has been redesigned with steel, thus eliminating the issue known from DBKi's RK models.
All parts are pinned in place, just like in a real AK.

Internally, a fortified ver.3 gearbox houses steel gears seated on robust 7mm bearings.
The spring guide is reinforced (metal) along with the bearing, contributing to smoother spring action - a 120m/s spring generates a shot velocity of approximately 410 FPS.

The polymer piston boasts metallic teeth, and the cylinder, designated as "type 1," is constructed from stainless steel, ensuring an impeccably smooth surface.

A significant advantage is the silent piston and cylinder head set, made from aluminum and coated with a blue anodize; the piston head features a bearing.
The replica houses a potent motor equipped with neodymium magnets, delivering increased torque.

The operational efficiency of the gearbox is certain to pleasantly surprise users.

Of paramount importance is the full compatibility of this model with accessories from other brands, significantly impacting the durability of your replica and enhancing its upgrade potential and performance

Set Included:

* replica
* accumulator stick 8,4V 1200 mAh
* charger
* magazine hi-cap 525rd

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