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Weight: 2290 g
Gearbox version: v.2
Bearings diameter: 8 mm
Accumulator connector type: T-connerctor
Battery included in set: NO
Material: aluminum, nylon, steel
Color: black
YouTube video link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q6Pi-klTfxI
Fire type: auto, single
Ammo: .23g, .25g
Serial number: YES
Length mm: 650
Inner barrel length mm: 200
Muzzle energy J: 1.2
Muzzle velocity fps: 360
Inner barrel diameter mm: 6.03
Muzzle BB velocity Med: 320
Gun Model: AR15 / M4 / M16
Number of magazines in set pcs: 1
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  • 3.300 Kgs

Presenting a replica from the latest Arcturus LITE series featuring an integrated MOSFET, where both the upper and lower receivers have been expertly crafted from durable nylon. The introduction of a nylon body has resulted in a reduction in both weight and cost without compromising strength. The receiver extension tube socket and barrel socket, complete with threading for handguard attachment, have been further fortified with a metal threaded sleeve.

In this model, the magazine catch, bolt catch, and fire selector are all Ambidextrous, ensuring exceptional maneuverability and accommodating left-handed users. A majority of external components, including the handguard, 8" outer barrel, muzzle device, fire selector, magazine catch, ejection port cover, bolt catch, and receiver extension tube, are constructed from aluminum and lightweight alloys. The entire structure has been anodized to safeguard against corrosion. The handguard boasts M-LOCK slots and an upper Picatinny rail for enhanced versatility.

ATTENTION! Each replica comes with a distinctive serial number!

The gearbox incorporates a rapid spring change system, coupled with a ball bearing spring guide and piston head. A polymer piston, equipped with steel teeth that seamlessly interact with high-quality gears, enhances performance. These gears are mounted on 8mm steel bushings to withstand rigorous demands. The bevel gear is exclusively supported by ball bearings, facilitating smooth rotation at high speeds. Additionally, the gearbox features an electric trigger "micro-switch" and a new MOSFET that amplifies rifle rate of fire and trigger response, while protecting against contact burnout.

A sealed nozzle complements the gearbox, harmonizing effectively with the rotary hop-up chamber and a 6.03mm precision barrel, measuring 200mm in length. The latest innovation is a high-performance 24k neodymium motor complete with a MIM steel pinion gear.

The judicious choice of materials and innovative solutions showcased in this replica firmly establish the MOS company as a leading force in the airsoft manufacturing arena.

The set includes:
· AR15/M4 replica
· folding sights
· 30/130rds variable-capacity magazine.

Products recommended by us to this replica:
· magazines: [MAG-M1A-BK](https://www.taiwangun.com/midcap-magazine-aeg/polymer-m4-m16-30-130rds-variable-cap-magazine-black-arcturus), [MAG-M1A-TN](https://www.taiwangun.com/midcap-magazine-aeg/polymer-m4-m16-30-130rds-variable-cap-magazine-tan-arcturus).
· batteries: [VB-LIION7.4V2600SD], [GEA103S25DGT], [GEA152S25DGT], [GEA102S25DGT]

Every replica pass initial check up. It's being checked and overshooted on XCORTECH X3200 chronograph.

The recommended battery with the highest safe voltage for this replica is - 11.1V. If you decide to reduce the power, be sure to not use batteries with a too high voltage - 9.6V NiMH is recommended, and in the case of Li-Po / Li-Ion - 7.4V. Otherwise, the replica may be damaged, which will not be covered by warranty repair! Remember that the warranty covers only replicas in which the spring was not replaced with a stronger one, and no batteries with a higher voltage than recommended were used.

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