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Anti Venom Patch, "Bee Patch", 5-pack

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patch against venoms of wasps, bees, hornets
and bumblebees
removes poison from the body by osmosis
contained sucrose (220 mg) does not
penetrate into the body
also suitable for diabetics
for single use
Treatment time: ca. 1 h
Dimensions: ca. 38 x 38 mm

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There are several ways to treat you and your children, when you get stung.


One of them is an old Danish remedy. Which has been used for more than 40 years. You add a drop of water or salvia on the injured skin, place a sugar cube on the sting and leave the sugar for approximately one hour. The sugar will remove the poison by osmosis through the small puncture.

However, the sugar can attract more wasps.

Therefore, we have developed the Bee-Patch patch. The patch seals the sugar and hereby preventing attraction by other wasps. Your children can now continue their play, with the patch on.

Leave the patch on the skin for one hour. The patch will remove the poison and lower both pain and swelling. The normal itching you will have several days after, will be avoided.


You can also use ice to reduce the pain. This will not remove the poison. And you will still have a swollen skin and itching the next days.

Some use Lidocaine or other anaesthetics. However, why use medicine to our children when nature’s

product, the sugar is at hand?

Are you Allergic to stings from bees and wasps, please always consult your own Doctor!


How long should the patch be used?
The patch has an effect within 5 min. In order to remove as much poison as possible, you should leave the patch on for one hour.


Can everybody use the patch?

Yes, the patch can be used by both adults and children.


How long can I wait to apply the patch?

It is important that you put the patch on the skin as soon as possible. If untreated for a while, the poison will spread into the skin around the injured place. And it will be difficult to remove the poison.

Therefore, you should always have the Bee-Patch near you and your children when we have the wasp season.



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