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Italian army camo jacket, shirt - Woodland

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Shirt with collar has 4 pockets fastened using Velcro:

  • two inner chest pockets,
  • two pockets on sleeves, one of them is intended for writing instruments.

It is fastened using buttons. Shirt is equipped with three Velcro panels used for different types of emblems, one with the designation of country is included in the set. In the place of armpits are placed small vents. At the height of elbow using double sewing of material. It is also possible to adjust cuffs with buttons.


Dimensions: XL - chest width - 52 cm.

                      L - chest width - 50 cm.

Clothing size:
  • 1752-1
  • 0.300 Kgs

Army shirt, jacket - Italy

The collared shirt has 4 pockets fastened with velcro:

two internal chest pockets,
two pockets on the sleeves, one of which is intended for writing instruments.
Fastening - buttons.

The shirt is equipped with three velcro panels used for different types of insignia, one with the country designation is included in the kit. There are ventilation holes in place of the armpits. Double stitching.

Cuff adjustment with buttons.

Sizes: XL - chest width - 52cm.

L - chest width - 50cm.

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