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DPM Jacket - British army

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New Unlined Army Coat British Army - NO HOOD

Available sizes

170/104 - chest width - 64cm, total length 80cm, shoulder - sleeve - 60cm.

190/96 - chest width - 62cm, total length 94cm, shoulder - sleeve - 70cm.


Height, cm.:
Chest circumference, cm.:
  • 00453-1
  • 1.150 Kgs

One of the best field jackets ever made, the British Windproof Smock is famous for its versatility and thoroughly great design. A perfect jacket for round-the-year use. These are "old" Combat Soldier 95 DPM smocks from the times British army kit was actually made in the UK.

Originally designed in the 70's, this jacket was used in windy and cold conditions as the top layer. This is an unlined, practical field jacket with a spacious cut. Zipper closure, and six pockets: two large pockets in the hem, two on the chest and two with zipper closure. Some jackets have a small pocket on the sleeve, some have velcro slabs. Drawcords on the hem and waist.

The fabric is very tightly woven polycotton with a water repellent treatment, which of course will wear out with time. It can be revitalised with suitable solutions.

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