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HAIX Boots Combat High Liability female- Black

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Female Army Boots, UK (Small numbers)

Comfortable, breathable, waterproof.

Forget about uncomfortable army boots. Forget about sweaty feet.

Treat your feet to comfort.

Hykes. It is not for nothing that the British army preferred this type of boots.


Shoe size:
  • 0749-1
  • 1.500 Kgs

Product information "HAIX Boots Combat High Liability Male Brown" Upper Material Leather/textile, hydrophobic, breathable (5,0 mg/cm²/h), 2,4 – 2,6 mm thick Inner Lining GORE-TEX® Performance; 4-layer GORE-TEX® laminate, waterproof and breathable. Highly abrasion-resistant lining with fleece midlayer. Optimized- climate comfort for all year seasons and excessive use. Increased chemical protection Plastic/Non-woven Insole Moisture absorbtion, dimensionally stable, torsion-proof, avoids punctual preasure (e.g. of stones) Foot bed Anatomically formed, exchangeable, washable, very good moisture absorption, dries quickly Sole Rubber/PU sole with a street/terrain tread,wear resistant and non-slip traction. Optimal step and bend behaviour due to sporty toe and heel rounding. This rubber shell sole features the MSL (micro-softlight) system that is the result of an additional production process to achieve extremely low weight, excellent cold/heat insulation and non-marking characteristics. The manually-applied extra high rubber sidewall gives this sole optimal side stability. Compliant with EN ISO 20347:2012 HAIX® Climate System Climate System with Micro-Dry lining at the top of the boot leg HAIX® MSL System MicroSoftLight: Improved damping, extremely low weight due to the PU foam across the entire sole area, good cold/heat insulation Others Lacing system with eyelets permitting smooth movement, slip resistant sole - also in ice and snow, antistatic

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